Auto Road Service

Auto Road Service

Auto Knight Motor Club is a 24 hour roadside emergency company staffed with professional dispatchers ready to provide assistance everyday of the year anytime, anywhere. Auto Knight has been providing emergency roadside assistance for over 20 years. Towing Assistance, Battery Service, Flat Tire Assistance, Fu Lockout Assistance el, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service


Consumer Wellness

It's easy to feel as if skyrocketing healthcare costs are out of your control. Still, your lifestyle choices can have a direct impact on your healthcare premiums, and lessen the likelihood of catastrophic illnesses and claims. We provide you services to help you get and stay healthy. Your privacy will always be respected, and you won't be judged for lifestyle choices you've made in the past. Wellness tools are here to support you. Use them -- and keep the doctor away.

Dental & Vision

Dental & Vision Discount Plans

Our customers may take advantage of savings offered by an industry leader in dental and vision care. Careington International Corporation is one of the most recognized professional dental and vision networks in the nation and boasts a provider network over 87,000 dental access points and more than 40,000 vision providers including independent optometrist, ophthalmologists, opticians and leading optical retailers.

Pet Insurance

Pet Medical Discount Program

One of the most sought out personal insurance is Pet Insurance. Pets best offers Straight 80% reimbursement after deductible with Simple, fast claims process No age restrictions Low Monthly premiums. Group discounts.